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Bonefish - Permit - Tarpon
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South Florida Bonefishing

Captain Rick Brito
Light Tackle & Fly Specialist 

Bonefish, Tarpon &Permit

Biscayne Bay and Upper Keys

Full Day / Half Day & Evening Rates

Call: 954-410-5882 Email:CaptRick@SouthFloridaBonefishing.com

Bonefishing in Biscayne Bay is best from March to July and again from late September to December. However, fishing year round can be excellent. Especially with a little help from the weather and a good guide.

Fishing can get red hot in December, January and February if we get some 80 degree days strung together with the average fish weighing 9 to 11 pounds.

Consequently, in the late summer, fishing, after a thunderstorm has moved through, can be very exciting. Large schools of fish move thorough the newly cooled waters. Midday high tides also help keep the temperature on the flats tolerable for bonefish. This time of year the fish average between 5 to 8 pounds

John Elliott with his 12 pound Bonefish

Donna with a average size Bonefish
for the month of September. 


Captain Rick Kilgore with a Bonefish on a fly

Fishing, after a thunderstorm has moved through
, can be very exciting.
Large schools of fish move thorough the newly cooled waters.
Note arrow pointing to school.

Bill Thies with a Bonefish

Bill Elliot

Catch and Release

Arron with an 8 pounder
Joe Armstrong with his first Bonefish
Matt Fitzgerald
with one of his hat trick of bonefish for the day
Richard Wilcox
with one of two bonefish he caught  this day
Father and son Ryan & Rick Nystrand,
 with one of a pair of bonefish Ryan caught that da
Here's Ryan with number two

Jim, from James Dean Custom Chopper Seats,
with a nice bonefish

Here's Joel Dubey with one of two bonefish he caught on wet and overcast day

Al Pearson with a nice bonefish

Dan Beyer with a 12 pound bonefish

Here is Bill Cohen with one of three bonefish he hooked on this day, unfortunately this was the only one we got to the boat.
Here is Dominic, from California with his first bonefish, a nine pounder
Mike Santamasso with one bonefish

and here's number two

Permit fishing can be excellent from March through November. Unlike bonefish, permit don't mind the hot temperatures of late summer and can be fished all day long. This works out well because bonefish will normally only feed on the flats during the early morming or late afternoon this time of year, leaving you the rest of the day to chase permit.


20 Pound Permit



Great Day...Great Fish!
A tired Bill Cohen after a long battle with this bruiser

It's all smiles for my daughter Jennifer
after catching her first permit



Tarpon fishing in Fort Lauderdale and Miami from fall to spring can be spectacular with multiple catches and hookups common. The season starts with the fall mullet run, when fishing on the beaches can be phenomenal and goes on until spring when the water temperature warms and the tarpon begin their southern migration. It is during this time that the tarpon move into Biscayne Bay and travel down the shallow ocean side flats on their way to the Keys. This is when sightfishing for tarpon in 2 to 3 feet of water is at its best. At times, tarpon will also lay up in a little deeper water near Government Cut and areas around Key Biscayne where drift fishing with live bait can be red hot from sunrise until noon and again at sunset.

Flyfishing at night landed a Tarpon!

 Tarpon at night in Fort Lauderdale     
Jim with  70 pounder

Bill Elloitt with a Ft Lauderdale tarpon


Other Species:

There are many other exciting species of fish in Biscayne Bay. They include: shark, baracudda, snook, snapper, Trout, ladyfish, bluefish and more, all depending on the time of year.

 Shark caught on Fly


James with a nice Bull Shark
Rick Nystrand with a Mangrove Snapper, caught on a live Mullet while fishing for Tarpon in Ft Lauderdale
My daughter Rebecca with a cuda

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